Thursday, March 10, 2011

Modular Office Reception Furnitures

There are many office reception furnitures you can find in the internet today. Most of them are search-able in the search engine especially to Google. But in this blog I would like to give you a review on the things that we have discovered especially to office reception furnitures. We will be showing you these furnitures by identifying them and giving them individual reviews.

Modular Bespoke Reception Furniture

A. Modular Circle Reception furniture

This type of furniture has a unique feature which has an elegant design. It is a partly semi circle reception furniture that can be positioned at any place of your business reception area. The natural color for this furniture is light brown which can be matched to any light colors you have in your office.

B. Modular Wall Reception Furniture

This type of furniture has its unique purpose to make a certain place more perfect. The design is simple but can give many capabilities for the employees to use. This furniture is best for small reception areas for it can just be placed in a corner thus minimizing the overcrowding in your office. The color of this furniture is the same with the semi circle reception furniture; a very elegant color that most offices prefer.

C. Modular Elegant Brown Reception Furniture

Most offices love this type of furniture because of its unique design and capabilities. It is naturally colored with brown wood and with a stripe of silver below. It has many partitions which can be used to put your important equipments like your monitor, laptop and printer. This is very ideal for spacious reception areas because you can more appreciate its beauty when it’s placed in the center.

Actually we have just illustrated 3 modular receptions furniture but if you want to see more photos you may try to check this Modular Office Furniture.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Which Office Chair is Right for You?

With the wide variety of office chairs available in the office furniture stores today, identifying the one that is right for you can be difficult. There are some important considerations to take into account when selecting an office chair such as does the user have any special requirements and what is the function that they perform. This will determine factors such as how the office chair will be used and how durable it needs to be. Here are three different types of office chairs for you to review which may help when purchasing office chairs for your business.

A.     Executive Chairs

Executive chairs are commonly used by managers and owners of a business. This chair is available in a range of budgets depending on the style and the choice of either leather or fabric covers. However, regardless of the cost, it provides great comfort for those who regularly use this kind of chair. The quality and craftsmanship of an executive office chair tends to be of better quality as they are designed to provide the ultimate comfort as well as multifunction actions to the users which allows them to control their sitting position and eliminate back ache and fatigue.

B.     Task Chairs 

Task office chairs are manufactured to provide a wide range of multiple design types which enable the user to perform a variety of office tasks making adjustments to suit their seating position. These chairs are available at a more reasonable price compared to the executive and they offer greater flexibility to the user.  All types of task office chair are created with the latest manufacturing techniques to suit the requirements of users.  These office task chairs are commonly purchased by businesses whose employees spend a large proportion of their time performing certain tasks.

C.     Operator Chair 

These operator chairs have wide range of ergonomic seating positions and are commonly used by commercial, business and many other offices that handle computer related jobs. It was designed to give comfort to the operator whilst ensuring correct posture.  Most of these chairs are built with gas seat height adjustment and reclining function with adjustable control features to ensure individual comfort for the user. Operator chairs are usually finished with durable fabric to provide long lasting durability to the users. The office operator chair  is probably the most cost effective type of office chair that a business can purchase for their employees.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Medusa MFC Office Tables

Medusa MFC

This range of tables offers a choice of leg style and finishes, as well as options on shape and sizes to fit any boardroom.   Modular options are available which  allow your boardroom to be upgraded or extended at any time.

Medusa Rectangular Table
Medium size Medusa Table
Medusa Office Table

This tables has a lot of specification that would refer below:
  • Choice of leg style
  • 25mm thick tops
  • Choice of modern shaped tops
  • Available in eleven finishes
  • Modular design optimises space
  • Matching storage available
  • Five year guarantee
Now if your looking for this office tables in UK you could probably check this site UK Furniture Online Store first.

Thank you!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Design for Office Furnitures

To all office furniture buyers from UK there is a new website design which would help you identify the needs of your office. This new website provides a lot of images that relates to office chairs, tables and many other stuff that are needed in an office. All of their products offers value for money because of the quality and product designs.

Actually in the front page of their website they just don't supply a range of superb office furniture at a great value prices. They also provide a full design, delivery and installation services. They care their clients by providing a quality job for their customers throughout UK.

Century Office Furniture is your new partner for your office needs.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

UK Office Furniture Suppliers

UK Suppliers

There are many office furniture suppliers in UK. One of them is Century Office and many others. Now if your looking for a furniture for your office this can probably one of your best choice. They provide a real furniture where it can match the needs for your office like tables, chairs, board room tables, desk and many others. They can also provide a help regarding furniture arrangements, designs and office suggestions.

Century office is located at Century House, Birchwood, (A12) Ipswich Road, Colchester, Essex. They are also located in Century House, 3 Olympic Business Centre, Paycocke Road, Basildon, Essex. These two business center are open at 9:00am until 5pm in the afternoon Monday to Friday but on Saturday morning from 9:00am until 12:30 only Colchester office is open.

There are many sources where you can get office furnitures in UK. But we recommend to visit Century Office especially if your from Essex.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Corinthian Range Office Table

Century Office Furniture brings "Corinthian Range Office Table" this office table are clean, big styling with innovative and functional designs. Choose from ergonomic heavy office furniture table units featuring high-quality detailing for an impressive heavy office table .
Corinthian Range of products have designs with reinforce steel frames lines that will give your office more unique. Also, its modular storage units will help make your office even more organized. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reception furniture tables

Modular Reception Desk. Available in 11 finishes. Various size and configuration..

Reception shown in Apple with Silver kick plate.

This type of reception could be used to some small office or business. This could occupy 2-3 staff.